Based on OpenStack cloud technology


You are the administrator of your own machine, as with all ExpertHost infrastructure products.


ExpertHost will not overallocate resources, so RAM and CPU are guaranteed as they would be with a dedicated machine.

“The ExpertHost public cloud is based on standard cloud technologies, to which we have added the guarantee of performance and data security. We designed it to make migrating to the Cloud easier.”

Kevin Rose Network Group - Hyderabad, India

With KVM and QEMU you can export your images (QCOW2, VMDK (VMware), VDI (Virtualbox), RAW, OVA (Amazon), VHD (Microsoft), ISO…).


Data from our additional disks and HA instances is replicated on three physical machines in the data center.

Did you know..?

Our Public Cloud teams use serveral open-source projects (RabbitMQ, Galera, QEMU KVM, OVS, Puppet…) as well as other ExpertHost projects (DBaaS Time series, Logs aaS, TaT, Ceph aaS…)

Based on OpenStack cloud technology


Companies such as PayPal, WalMart, NASA and CERN have all adopted OpenStack.


You use the same API on your ExpertHost Private Cloud and Public Cloud (a hybrid strategy).

“ExpertHost chose OpenStack, both an open and mature technology. We then adapted the experience for newcomers and “cloud-ready” users alike.”

Gurpeet Bains Product Development - ExpertHost, Canada

OpenStack guarantees reversibility (you can use the same API if you change provider).


OpenStack is one of the most active open-source projects, ahead of the Linux kernel.

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